Not all donations are on this scale . . . . . . . . . . . . . !

A cheque for over 40,000 from the Club Managers Association of America (CMMA), at the close of their International Conference in St Andrews in 2005 was, by far, the largest single donation ever received by Keepers of the Green and was the equivalent of providing almost 15 powered wheelchairs. This donation was also intended to help secure the finances of "Keepers" and has provided a solid platform for our subsequent growth as an effective, proactive and responsive organisation.

The majority of donations, however, are for much smaller amounts which are, nevertheless, equally valued and appreciated. Contributions range from individuals who leave legacies or make one-off donations; local groups, companies or organisations who organise special fund raising events; national societies who take on challenges such as M.U.G.S (Midsummer Unlikely Golf Society) who played 4 courses in 4 countries (Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland) IN ONE DAY! Other contributions have included a local taxi company waiving fares for the transportation of recipients to presentations.

EVERY CONTRIBUTION HELPS! (Please click on this link to receive detailed information on the tax advantages of giving to charity). The opportunity also exists for individuals, clubs, businesses or associates to become more involved in "Keepers" activities by becoming a Member or Friend of Keepers of the Green. For more information on this opportunity please visit the "Join Us" page on the website.

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